"Industrial Strength Fabric Art"

Arashi Shibori T-Shirts - $20

These shirts are made using the Japanese Shibori technique known as Arashi. This technique is capable of producing an astonishing range of patterns, with numerous variations even within a single run. It involves wrapping the cloth around a pole, then wrapping with twine or rubber bands. The resulting patterns are evocative of ocean waves, wind-whipped pines and other natural phenomena.

 The pictures below should give a good idea of the overall look and style of these pieces. While each series use the same dyes, giving some continuity within a run, there is alot of variability between items in this pattern. As always, our 
online shop lists specific pieces, so you always know exactly what your piece will look like.

 Shirt and Dye Color
 Front  Back
Royal Blue and Black

 Bright Red and Black

and Black

Grey    and    Black  
 Lemon Yellow and Black
Lime Green and Black

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